the world we left behind

65 million years after the disappearance of the dinosaurs, the Earth is experiencing a new mass extinction, the sixth of its history. The great loss of biodiversity under way appears even more serious than expected if we take into account the staggering reduction of individuals and populations: just think that the number of specimens on the planet it’s already practically halved, and we are mainly responsible for this.
Pollution, intensive fishing, global warming, deforestation, urban settlements, habitats loss are just some of the reasons why animals are dying 144 times faster than Mother Nature predicts. And this is affecting not only species already in the red lists, but even species that we could think in excellent health, lions and giraffes for example almost halved their populations in just 15-20 years.
Wildlife photography should have the responsibility ​to sensitize people to the protection of endangered ecosystems and eventually increase their awareness to conservationist themes, and I strongly believe that powerful images that instantly create awe in the viewer could really work under this point of view.
Black and white photography with its innate ability to go straight to the point and at the same time to cloak itself of pathos and emotions, lends itself in a particular way to being the spokesman of these issues.
“The World we left behind” is my take on this subject, a series of images of both common and endangered species. I decided to give the project a non-journalistic cut, there are no images of denunciation or with direct conservation themes, but rather the subjects portrayed, with a strong dramatic style, in their beauty.