“Alte Vie” is a new project of mine, started in August 2018 and is all about black and white landscape photography of the central italian Apennines of my region, Abruzzo. In particular of the mountain areas of the Maiella National Park, Abruzzo National Park, Gran Sasso National Park and Sirente-Velino Regional Park.
“Alte Vie” means “high altitude ways”, and this is a little hint of the theme of the project : The protagonist here is not only one of the most striking wilderness areas of Italy, but the relationship between man and mountains of our past too. Those areas are indeed full of testimonies of a mysterious and ​fascinating past, rich of traditions, superstitions, legends and history.
What differentiates this project from the rest of my photographic production in black and white is the choice not to use digital equipment at all the levels of the production (from the shooting to the printing), but rely only on film, in particular medium format and, mainly, large format. This is most of all a stylistic choice, I always loved the look of film, especially in black and white landscape photography, but I can’t hide the fact that I consider the “craftsmanship” of the whole process, from the field to the darkroom, a fundamental part of black and white photography. I hope to conclude the project in the end of 2019.