en`to*mo*log”ic : secta

Entomologic : secta is an audio-visual interactive installation.
It consists in the projection of some macro photos and videos of insects with production and manipulation of sound.
Through image sonification algorithms, sounds and rhythmic patterns are produced. The sound is analyzed as well, and the resulting data is used to control some video effect parameters, creating an inter-medial loop.
Finally, a movement detection system improves the result controlling both of media.

The etymology of “insect” (from latin insectus) means “sliced in sections” : the number of sections, together with others scientific data about the projected insects, will contribute to the manipulation / generation of sound.

\en`to*mo*log”ic\ is a larger project by Evaburns (Nicola Di Sario and Alessio Santini)about the exploration of micro-structures in the insects domain, for the production of music and audiovisual pieces.

\en`to*mo*log”ic\ : secta has been presented for the first time from may 27 to june 7 2009 in the main hall pf “La Fonderie de L’image” in Parigi for the festival “Futur En Seine 2009”.