Frjòey : On Distant Shores

a 4K timelapse short film

In the imagination of each of us there’s an island, and the smaller and less inhabited, the better.
An island to visit or to choose forever. That exists and resists to the sea and the storms, where time passes slowly and life continues to become.
In our minds and in our hearts that island is called Fair Isle.

Looking on the world map Fair Isle looks like a small island, a “rock” just five kilometers long, wide just over two, to cross almost in one breath, from the north to the south lighthouse.
Protected from the equidistant embrace of the archipelagos of Orkney and Shetland, Fair Isle floats between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, on the crossroads of one of the most important migratory route of Europe.

The island is all walkable. A pristine jewel, defined by the National Geographic among the five best islands to visit in the world.
The colonies of gannets whiten the top of inaccessible cliffs sloping down to the sea. As skyscrapers of three hundred meters, these giants of rock are inhabited at different levels: puffins on the peaty top, just below the rock, fulmars and kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills.

The feeling is that here time seems to be an undefined entity.

Days are marked by the natural rhythms of light, the conveniences of modern life are net of stress, sea and winds dictate the rules.
Coming to Fair Isle is a bit a “back to the essentials”, without giving up anything.

Video & Music : Nicola Di Sario | Words : Simona Tedesco