Asferico 50 – State of Mind, Scozia

Article on Fair Isle written together with the talented photographer and journalist Simona Tedesco and published in the n ° 50 of Asferico magazine.

Nicola Di Sario and Simona Tedesco lead us in Scotland, in the remote island of Fair Isle. A ‘stumbling block’ of a few kilometers from the archipelago of Shetland and the Orkney.

The island, a destination for birdwatchers from all over Europe, known for the passage of migratory birds, was a surprise in many ways.
Owned by a foundation, Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited islands of the United Kingdom, difficult to reach and yet wonderful and wild.

It’s crazy to choose to live here? Yet to do that you have to pass a selection and the waiting list has thousands of candidates …

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